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Have you noticed that most people today have dark skin, constipation, obesity, freckles, listlessness, etc.?

And why? Because of the environment, diet, work and rest, etc. Now is the time to remember to ''detox''.


Vheart Lime Chlorophyll, European formula, uses:

Limes, chlorophyll, natural enzymes, prebiotics, garcinia cambogia.

Effectively help detoxify the human body, detoxify the dirt accumulated in the intestinal wall, lose weight, relieve constipation, improve dull skin, lighten freckles, whitening, menstrual pain, bad breath and other problems.

Jessica Jacobs, a US government certified professional nutritionist, said:

The most important property of chlorophyll is that it can increase the quality and quantity of red blood cells in the human body

''So it can improve anemia, and it is also the best ''Natural Antidote''

It can form substances that cannot be easily absorbed by the human body, such as carcinogens, and is excreted in the feces. Therefore, it may have some preventive effect on cancer.

  • ~Prevent disease
  • ~Strengthen the immune function
  • ~Eliminate edema
  • ~Relieve constipation
  • ~Regulating hormones
  • ~Remove intestinal wall debris
  • ~Improve the gastrointestinal system
  • ~Help the intestines absorb easily
  • ~Detox and slim
  • ~Beautify the skin
  • ~Promote metabolism
  • ~Improve sleep


Main ingredients:

Limes, chlorophyll, prebiotics, natural enzymes, garcinia cambogia on request

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