Goat Milk Powder

Q: At what age can consume Vheart®️ Goat Milk Powder?
A: Vheart®️ Goat milk powder is suitable for 5-100 years old
Q: Can 5 years old kids or below consume Vheart®️ Goat Milk Powder?
A: It is not recommended for 0-1 years old. 1 year old and above can start to consume in small portion. (Please consult the sales agent for details)
Q: How long will it take to see results after drinking?
A: Depends on individual body condition and the effect varies for different people. For stomach pain, child immunity, appetite problems, the effect is about 1-3 months
Q: Does it have goaty taste?
A: Vheart®️ Goat milk powder doesn’t have goaty taste.
Q: Will it cause heatiness or constipation after drinking it?
A: 98% of our consumers did not feel heaty or experience constipation but it improve digestion and defecation instead.
Q: Besides drinking directly, any alternative ways to consume it?
A: Vheart®️ Goat Milk Powder can mix with oat meal, make milk shake by adding some fruits and use it to bake cakes or biscuits.

Chlorophyll Dx Drink Plus

Q: Will it cause stomach cramp or diarrhea after drinking?
A: Will not.
Q: Will it be sticky? Will it become mushy if you don't drink it right away?
A: No, it will remain in liquid form.
Q: How old can drink it?
A: It is recommended for individuals aged above 15 or 16 years old.
Q: Can pregnant women consume this product?
A: Pregnant women are not recommended to drink detox products, they will need doctor's instruction before consume it.
Q: Can I drink while I am breastfeeding my baby?
A: Not recommended.
Q: How long does it take for this product to kick in after drinking?
A: Depends on individual body condition. Because this product does not contained any medicine or drug ingredients. Typically it takes 8 to 12 hours after drinking.
Q: How long will I lose weight after drinking?
A: This product does not contain any medicine or drug ingredients for weight loss, so it depends on the individual's body condition. For those who wish to achieve slimming effect after drinking, adequate exercise and healthy balanced diet will give better results.
Q: How many boxes to be taken as a treatment course?
A: A treatment course will need 3-6 months. To consume at least 6 boxes to see results.
Q: Do I need to drink it every day?
A: Initially, drink it every day for 3-6 months. If the condition has improved, you can take this product on alternate day.
Q: If I have lost weight, will it rebound without drinking it?
A: This product is all-natural plant-based detox which can improve the body condtion gradually and lose weight in a healthy way without rebounding.

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