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Dong Seng Industries was established in 2018 and manufactures various types of healthy product. Our products including Goat Milk Powder, Chlorophyll Dx Drink Plus, Goat Milk Chewable & D'tox and slimming oil. Our headquarter is located in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

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Chlorophyll Dx Drink Plus
D'tox and slimming oil
Goat Milk Powder (Box)
Goat Milk Powder (Canned)
Goat Milk Chewable

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We spent three years to organise a team with the same philosophy and ideas, We are very pleasure to have a professor with 40 years of experience in food research and a team of professional in various departments.

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23 Jul
We manufacture various type of healthy product such as Goat milk powder, Chlorophyll Dx Drink and Goat Milk Chewable.

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National Day Promotion

National Day Promotion

Published: 26-Aug-2021

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